August plans


So time seems to have disappeared and I don’t really know where to! I did spend some of the summer creating but not as much as I would have liked.  I’ve also been buying furniture for our house and basically getting it baby ready for whenever a little one arrives.  I made a few things for the nursery – a cloud mobile that I’ll try take some good photos of when it’s in situ and when the room has been decorated.  I’ve also been quite good at updating and decorating my planner.  I’ve had a filofax for years but only recently have I started decorating it so that I remain motivated to use it and look at it every single day.  Below are the photos from the past few weeks and my plan is to use this blog to record my weekly pages – I’m making it my priority to use this blog much more and to update at least weekly.

wb 11-08 wb 18-08 mon wed wb 18-08 thurs sun



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An attempt at creativity


An attempt at creativity

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