Manic September, planning and teaching

I haven’t updated my blog in the past week – sorry about that.  I’ve been crazy bust with work and getting new students and new classes and so just haven’t found the time to get over here and update.  There’s a whole load of confusion about work at the moment and that’s not really helping me to think about anything else.

I have kept up with the #ohsnapaday challenge over on Instagram though and have faithfully been uploading my photos everyday.  I haven’t been as good with the journalling class I signed up for though, it’s day 4 or 5 and I haven’t started it yet, but I do plan on sitting down today for 10 minutes and starting so look out for really badly drawn journalling stuff on my instagram page.

I’m currently loving the Teacher Planner I bought to record where I am up to with each class and I’ll try to do an blog post on how I’m using it sometime this week.  I have some multiple classes (where I repeat the same material) but it gets tough to remember how far I got with each class and so I end up having to ask my students which isn’t great.  So I’m using the Teacher Planner to record it all, so hopefully it’ll help.

I have also fallen in love with the Filofax Original in dark teal – I need it in my life in personal size but am forcing myself to wait for Christmas to see if Father Christmas brings it for me.  Given all the uncertainty around work I don’t want to spend £60 on it just yet.  If anyone has one and wants to tell me about it or send me pictures feel free to make me drool by commenting below!

I have been faithful to my Finsbury for ages and love decorating my pages in it but think I need a little more colour – I rarely buy anything black – my handbag is a bright yellow Cambridge satchel, so I think I need to make a change.  As I said though I have been updating my pages in my Finsbury so images are below of the past week and this week if you’re interested.

wb 08-09 wb 15-09


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An attempt at creativity

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