Finding my creative outlet

Yesterday I posted about how I hadn’t had time to create anything for the past 4 months – and if I’m completely honest with myself this probably isn’t the whole truth.  I have been short of time definitely – but the baby is in bed by 7pm so if I really wanted to do something I could.  I just didn’t seem to know what to do.  I used to sew pretty little things a couple of years ago and before that I was really into digital scapbooking – I was on creative teams for a few really amazing designers inclining Tangie Baxter and then I lost all my stash when my computer died (always back up!).  My filofax decorations allowed me to spend a little time on a Sunday afternoon decorating the week ahead but to be honest since I’ve been on adoption leave I don’t really have that many plans.
So in an attempt to ‘do something’  about this lack of a creative outlet I bought this beautiful planner from MrsBrimbles (her shop is here):


And I’m going to make an effort to make it look lovely inside.  I might use it for journalling.

I’ve also been making much more effort recently with my snail mail – I’ve had themes with my letters, so recently I’ve made a London themed letter and a tea themed letter.  I also made some pocket letters.



And lastly I’ve decided I’m going to take part in July’s listers gotta list by the Reset Girl (info here) – I’ve made my front cover of a traveler’s notebook:


And I’ve completed day 1:


Hopefully I can do the whole month.


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An attempt at creativity


An attempt at creativity

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