Where am I planning? An honest review of the MAMBI happy planner

So, I wasn’t going to jump on this bandwagon -I don’t have much (any!) disposable income while I’m off on adoption leave, I purchased a ban.do from MrsBrimbles etc etc.  BUT… I won a happy planner in a RAK giveaway on the UKPA Facebook page – and loads of goodies to go with it.  I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now (where is the time going by the way?!) so thought I’d do a review.


When it first arrived I fell in love with it – which is quite rare for me with planners -normally I’m slow to warm up and need to customise before I can imagine using it.  But it seemed to offer me all the benefits of a ringed planner (taking things in and out and changing the order) without the added bulk of the actual filofax or whatever.   It came with a cover pack (this was such an awesome RAK!) So I’ve changed the covers to suit me a bit more:


In the two weeks I’ve been using it though I’m no longer sure whether it really does give the same flexibility – firstly you need a special punch to add pages (I don’t have one and everything happy planner seems to be difficult to buy in the UK at the moment).  It is simply a planner – I like some notepaper and address pages in my filofax – it is possible to buy add ons from MAMBI but see earlier point about no spare pennies!  Also, turning the pages does tend to mean they pop out of the rings and sometimes fold over.  I’m going to try taking July’s pages out to see if a little more room around the rings prevents this.  I did get large rings with it but they’re black and I rather like the gold ones. 

I’m also not sure about how the day is split in this (MAMBI offer a few different happy planners and as as being different on the outside the inside pages are also different and are not all split into morning, afternoon and evening like mine).  While I’m on leave from work my day isn’t quite as formal as this and I kind of do things as and when I can steal 5 minutes.  It’s not a huge issue,  I’ve used stickers or washi to cover them when I’ve needed to.

This is the weekly view:


The monthly view starts on a Sunday which I don’t like at all, I like my weekend to be together on the monthly spread – the fact that on the weekly page it starts on a Monday bugs me as well – if it’s going to be split on the monthly page then make sure the weeklies are in the same format:


Despite these issues I do love it – the paper quality is good and I like that it’s given me a bit of a creative outlet.  I go back to work in December and I’m not sure I’d take it out with me (it’s pretty big and without a hard cover or band I think it’d get pretty bashed up) but for what I need now it’s working for me.  They’re well priced too which is always good – once I’m back in work and have some money I will probably purchase the extra pages.

Here are my page layouts so far:




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