Getting crafty and creating family traditions

Since my little girl has been living with us (we adopted her in March) I have been giving a lot of thought to the family traditions I would like to have.  Christmas is easy I think because we can just do what we’ve always done as a couple and what we did as children ourselves – so with that in mind I’m thinking new pyjamas for Christmas Eve, a Christmas film and treats.  And obviously we’ll need to have treats for Father Christmas and his reindeer.  With all that in mind I’ve decided on a Christmas Eve box to store all this stuff in and so I bought this little  (it’s actually quite big) gem from ebay f


or a bargain £5:

I need to go to B&Q or somewhere now to buy some paint and varnish to get it all ready.  For Christmas traditions u also want J to pick out a bauble or decoration for the tree every year so that by the time she gets older we have a tree full of memories. When I was a child my Nan had a fabric advent calender hung on her living room door and each day I had a little treat – I really love this idea of adding something each day ourselves rather than the cardboard and chocolate varieties so I’m on the lookout for a nice wooden one we can use year after year. Finally I want an elf on the shelf but wow, how expensive are they?!  I need to have a think and find a way I can make something similar.

I’ve also been thinking about the family traditions we’ll have throughout her childhood and it’s led me to an idea for an etsy shop -I have made a prototype and will be launching it in my shop this week hopefully – more news to come when I do.

Most of all I want my daughter to grow up feeling that her creativity is appreciated and feeling unafraid to express herself creatively – I hope that she remembers making things and being creative with as much joy as I remember all the things I used to do and make with my Nan.


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An attempt at creativity


An attempt at creativity

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